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Nominations for the Class of 2015 now closed.

Reduced Ticket Price Extended to August 1
     (Special thanks to the DCU Center)

The DCU Center has allowed the NEBHOF to extend the reduced ticket prices of $1300 per table of 10 seats and $135 per individual seat until August 1, 2015. No further extensions will be possible. Any remaining tickets after August 1 will cost $1500 per table and $155 per individual seat.

The DCU Center is being most gracious since they must order a large quantity of food for the event.

Please click here to purchase your tickets.

The idea for the New England Basketball Hall of Fame sprang from the notion that among all the places basketball developed, from the concrete courts of New York City to the backyard hoops of Indiana, the initial seedbed for basketball was New England. A game that took root in middle Massachusetts is now played all over the world.

The Hall of Fame recognizes the people whose excellence has contributed to the rich legacy of New England Basketball. The categories that envelope all the people who make up this storied past are necessarily varied. The Division III female player, the Division I star, and the Basketball Hall of Fame Coach all weave colorful threads into the fascinating tapestry of New England Basketball.

Those who share a love of the game and whose memorable basketball accomplishments deserve special recognition gather every several years in a new spirit of goodwill and camaraderie to congratulate one another and to enjoy the profound satisfaction of being part of the distinguished heritage of New England Basketball.

The next Hall of Fame Induction ceremony will take place on August 8, 2015 in Worcester, MA.

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