Nominees should meet the Criteria for Induction. There are a number categories for induction.  You will note a variety of categories, including outstanding player, outstanding coach, scholar athlete, championship team, and the like.

When you are prepared to nominate, kindly email your nomination or nominations to  The Executive Committee spends literally eight months, meeting in person or via conference call every two weeks. The earlier you provide us with your nominations, the better.  We will close out nominations at some point in Spring, 2015 and we will announce the class in either May or early-June 2015.

All nominees are given serious consideration.


  • How many may I nominate? Based on your review of the categories, you may nominate several individuals and one team.
  • Should I rank the nominees if I decide to nominate more than one?  Yes, please do.  This is very helpful to our selection process.
  • May I nominate more than one championship team?  No.  Kindly limit any team nomination to one team (male or female).
  • How can I be sure that one or more of my nominees has not already been inducted into the New England Basketball Hall of Fame?  Simply check our website.  Be assured that we also conduct the same check for any nominee that comes in.  On occasion, a college, university, high school or individual  will nominate someone who has already been inducted.  This poses no problem, as we will “catch it.”

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